''Our goal is to offer you the best and the highest quality of experience from the unboxing to the building process. That is why each Tuvlaki block is tested very carefully and we can promise that we will deliver you the highest quality of the product.''

Nikos Davidis
Head of Quality Control Team

"Tuvlaki blocks are produced in our facilities in Hellas by using the highest quality of plastic. We are using the amazing PLA/PHA Colorfabb plastics for natural color depiction and perfect hands-on sensation!"

Georgios Paliouras

"Available to users in a variety of colors and a wide range of shapes, the 3D printed Tuvlaki bricks can be used to create complete ‘well-thought-out’ environments bonded by smart connections."

Bridget O'Neal

What's Tuvlaki Blocks?

Tuvlaki are the best magnetic blocks ever made!  Tuvlaki is an innovative construction set in which each block is connected as you want  thanks to a well-thought-out  system of  powerful magnets. With Tuvlaki blocks you can create everything you want, from  amazing   buildings   and  structures  to whole environments  brick  by  brick! The smart connection  type  we use  in  combination  with  the  perfect   size make Tuvlaki bricks the ideal construction set. They are available in a variety of colors and many different shapes.

Our Standards

We think that Tuvlaki Blocks are the future of hobby construction sets as the experience they offer is really   cool. You bring close the bricks and the connection   is   made   by  the     magnetic   powers   magically. We are using N35 neodymium (Nd-Fe-B) magnets, that they only lose 2% of their magnetic force in 50 years  and  they  offer  a  strong enough and safe connection. The minimal  design and the simplicity of the connection make Tuvlaki  the best  put-together building system. It  is sure  that   you will love the amazing tactile sensation and building experience that Tuvlaki offers.